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Red Blue flashing led light.

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User an issue right now, but with Two E2 Max boxes.

Both boxes were purchased together (from Buzz), by me, for a two family members (one box used at each residence) about 15 months ago.
Both stopped working two days apart with the same issue.

Problem… red/blue intermittent flashing, both will not boot up. Hard reset didn’t work on either box. Power supply is 5v 2a, and working. 

Any ideas guys? I mean, what are the chances of two boxes, bought together. Going down with the same problem, 2 days apart, at two different residences? 15 months later?  Astronomical!

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Dishuser, There was no recovery screen. Wouldn’t get that far. Nothing to the TV.

Update, even though the boxes did power and flash, I went out and got another power supply, and it worked. Both booted back up. So I guess both power supplies went bad at the same time? Powered it, but obviously wrong voltage or something.  Defective.  Still very odd, but happy it is resolved. 

Sorry for posting prematurely. Admin Feel free to delete. 

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8 minutes ago, Fastcompany7 said:

Okay thanks. In that case, I held the reset pin with a toothpick, plugged in power, and held it for at least 30 seconds… nothing happened. 

probably because of the failed power supply

you might have let the smoke out...lol

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just on safe hands for future connect your device on serge protector and buy your self few dollars outlet tester to test if your outlets are fine in the house. this will prevent from future damage. 🙂

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