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IPTV guide loads slowly. 1 channel/second

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I have used my xrs4500 boxes for over a year. When I press the guide button. The guide pops up and lists the channels. But the fields that populates what is playing on each channel at each time slot loads slowly. The information would load each channel at a time, it would take about 1 second to load the information on each channel. So when this happens I press the guide and watch and wait as the information for each channel loaded. If I scroll down or up, the new channels that appear display information loading. And the information for each channel would take 1 second to load and they load 1 at time. As you can seen it takes a long time just to scroll through a small portion of the guide. I thought it was a problem with the IPTV service. But then I got another box TVIP and I don't have this problem. When I press guide, the guide pops up with the channels and all the information loaded. If I scroll, all the information is already available. I have spent a lot of time going through the settings and haven't found anything that could fix the problem. I've tried setting longer and shorter buffering. I even upgraded to buzztv 5 hoping that would fix the problem. While the UI is much smoother and the guide does load faster. The same problem exists. Does anyone else have this problem? When you press guide, does the guide pop up with all the information already available? Thanks for your help. I am in a pickle because I have 5 of these boxes. It hasn't been a problem because there's very specific channels I watch. But I've given a couple of boxes to my siblings, who mentioned it was almost impossible to look for channels to watch because the guide loads so slowly.  Also the boxes are run on fiber optic networks on 10G routers on 2.5GB ports connected by CAT 6 ethernet wires.

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I have three services

One loads slow and the other two loads a full page in under a second 

I take a few minutes and populate my favs. Since it populates for days I don't have to do it very often


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Thanks everyone for your help. I took a look at what Ryu said. I went to to settings, storage, cleared cache. Had to do it a few times, although I had selected clear cache, it didn't do it. So I clicked it till the cache actually cleared. While in settings I saw app permissions. I went into there. Selected more. Selected storage and found buzztv 5. Storage permission was not enabled so I enabled it. 

The guide now populates very fast. Each channel populates in milliseconds. Like sprouting seeds but in fast forward photography. It's fast enough to consider instant. So that's a problem solved.

A new thing I noticed is that some channels would indicated "no information" but when I cross check it with my TVIP box. The tvip box has the channel information displayed, where as the buzztv box says no information. I guess I'll work on this next. 

Some friends recently asked about the box and I recommended it to them. Just want to make sure I have them covered. My brother has been asking about the slow guide for 6 months but I haven't gotten around to it. Now I can cross that off my list.


Thanks again everyone. I hope this post will help someone else in the community.

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Just an update. I cleared EPG as Ryu suggested. The channels with no information did not improve. The guide was still loading quickly. However. Today when I went to use the guide, I found the guide instantly there. The channel information didn't need to load, it was all fully there already like my other box. When I flip through the guide all the information for the channels were already there. Now the box is awesome and I can finally provide a solution to my siblings. But also. I moved to a new internet service provider yesterday. I'm not sure if this made any difference.

Thanks again!

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