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16 minutes ago, TonyC said:

So why would the box say i'm about 200 miles south of where i actually am?

Also has anyone else had issues with their ISP? (in UK).

maybe your isp/feed from your isp is not closer to you. here in Africa we have small companies and our isp is around 2 to 3 KM only around my area. 

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ISPs sometimes buy some address ranges from other companies.  And when they do, it can sometimes take a while for all the records to change over to reflect the new owners/locations. 

I know many years ago, my ISP at the time (here in Canada) had expanded rapidly and bought a few address ranges from another ISP south of the border (in the US).   For about 6 months, if I checked my location, it always stated that I was in the US 😞   Took a few months before it was finally sorted out.  Nothing I could do.

Try going to the website below, and ensure to agree to location permission (if asked), and you will see quite a few details about your IP.  Where it thinks it is located, the hostname, a proxy IP if ISP uses one (otherwise will be your IP), the ISP it is registered to, etc...  And if you click on the [Details] next to IP location, it will show you the info provided by various database providers for the IP.



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