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What alternate IPTV App out there is for Android TV is the closest to that of the BuzzTV App?


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Sorry to hear that you have decided to leave the BuzzTV h/w and app.  Any specific reason, why ?  What box / BuzzTV version do you have ?

Have you tried any of the new 5 series boxes ?  Something like "The Classic", which I always recommend to friends as best bang for the buck.

There is no app in my opinion that even comes close (personal opinion).   There are many other apps, but they are either primarily designed for touch devices, have crappy UIs, have way outdated UIs, they are super basic with close to no features, only support XC or MAC, but not both, etc...  There is really only one 3rd party app as far as I am concerned that even remotely is considered useable but it comes with it's own set of issues and peculiarities.   You will need to do your own research on it's features, options, and cost (since it is not free).  This is a BuzzTV forum, and there is no support or discussion regarding any other apps.


Good luck in your new adventures.


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I am splitting up with my partner.  She is taking the TV and viewing equiptment including the buzz tv box.    Money is tight,  i cant afford to buy a new tv or android box, will have to watch tv on my tablet or my godfather said he will give me a used hammy down smart tv, i will install an iptv app and contact my tv provider to hook up service on it, i know the buzz tv is amazing, i agree i will miss it, but what app is a close second and deemed to be Pretty pretty good (larry david voice)

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I did,  a Google search gives results based on the google Algorithm and is based on them making money, asking a question on here gives results based on an actual personal opinion on someone who actually used a product and can provide an honest and true answer.


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