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BuzzTV XRS4900 stuck during boots mode and nothing happens


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Today I brought it to a local IPTV dealer to install the stream channels on mine device XRS4900. The device starts but it is stuck in the boot mode with the BuzzTV logo for several hours without any progress. It won't install all things and go to the menu.
Could someone please help me to solve the issue. 


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this what I did:

Hard reset,
Use a tooth pick push in side AV port you will feel a click.
1. Hdmi connected no power line connected push the tooth pick and feel the click. And hold that
2. Put the power line in and still hold the toothpick in for 15 seconds.
3. Now recovery screen comes up take toothpick out
4. Using your remote point the box select factory reset
5. Once done you will see it says complete at the bottom of the screen.
6. Select reboot.
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This exact same thing happened to the XRS4900 here. It was stuck or froze  at the same spot your's is stuck at.

I had a USB drive inserted into the XRS.

I removed that drive  and the boot up process immediately continued and completed.

It was a bad drive,  which I found out later by checking it thru my PC


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4 minutes ago, Persianno21 said:

how do I do this?

do you have a USB drive (memory card or hard drive) inserted into the XRS ?

If so remove it.

If not then insert one and then remove it... and see if it starts the boot up process.

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