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can't log into servives suddenly

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After the last update I have the same problem, 

However when I look at the servers i see "tv-zone" server with a small blue label saying connected , but when i click on it it says " no response from server try rebooting.

rebooting box and modem does not help.

Wireless internet is working as the the other apps from the box like , say. YouTube work flawlessly.

Now , an odd thing. If i connect to my phone (tethering the phone) it works!!! afterwards disconnecting from phone and connecting to wireless server works also, albeit channels with L2 sound do not work and have no sound.....BUT...as soon as i reboot box and try connecting again to same wireless server I'm getting the same "can not get response from server"......

Went to a friend's house 40 miles away , connected to his router.....everything worked flawlessly.

Came home connected to my router same thing.

rand an ethernet cable from modem to box same thing.

Connected to tethered phone: working. Disconnect from phone connect immediately to wireless router without shutting off or rebooting :works

Shutting down box reconnecting to wireless router ...does not work


Can anyone shed a bit of light???


i really need some help here

Can anyone help me:

1.  Help me connect to the wireless router without having to connect through my phone first

2. have sound on channels with L2 sound channels

I,m willing to let anyone who could debug me connect via team-view quick support to my box and try fixing these issues,,,Please help



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yes i unhooked ethernet cable...but with the cable on I has same issues. it only connects to my home network AFTER i connect to my phone...after that i can un-therter my phone conect to home network and works fine.....

if box freezes or reboot same procedure...will not connect to my home network unless i do the trick with the phone..

(wish I had another wifi available to try except these two)

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