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On 11/21/2021 at 7:27 PM, dishuser said:

scratch that...lol

you need to use media player or media player 2

settings/change background

Also has the option in Classic Launcher

Under the settings of the launcher

Changing it for Modern, will be included on the Modern 2 Home Screen for Buzz 5.

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I don't have this option in either media player. I'm seriously bummed I even did this update because it ruined my entire viewing with all of the orange lines on people's faces now. I raved about this device to people. Now, a simple update and you want me to reset, lose everything that I've got saved, only to find that "maybe" this may solve the problem?

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What's actually going to be saved? I was told all my apps would be deleted and it would be like starting over with a new a device. Yes, I have a forum on here about the new update putting fluorescent orange lines on people's faces. This didn't exist before. I returned one of the new boxes because of this issue which no one could seem to resolve. When I got the xrs400 I didn't have this problem until the update. 

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