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  1. Hello, can I change mac accounts on this E1 android box? thanks
  2. montell

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    Thanks a lot nbs
  3. montell

    Not updating

    Hi all, what is the latest update for 3900? as I just bought one and when I check mine, it says Version 2.0 ( 352) is that right? thanks
  4. I just received my second xpl 3900 and supposed to have an installed 80 GB SSD by Bob ( The Seller) however, I still do not see the Kingston SSD in the "File Browser" ? but when I went to look for it , I see it Seetings-->More-->Storage&reset-->INTEL SS USB drive (73 GB) when I go to intel ss drive that has 73 GB on it, the options are: 1. Eject 2. Erase & format as removable storage do I click on option 2? what would it erase? as this is a brand new box? Thanks for you help.
  5. ok thanks du for the headsup, then why does Electronic Bob's in SC only installs Kingston SSD on his 3900s ?
  6. The box is only few months old?! what can cause a SSD to die though? thanks
  7. Thanks du, but all I see in that section of Storage & Reset is: Device Storage: Internal shared storage: total space: 11 GB Reset: Factory data reset That's all I see there and no sign of Kingston SSD that was 80 GB
  8. Thanks, so where do you look for the SSD if not at File Browser?
  9. I just did and its connected but still does not show up in the "File Browser"
  10. Thanks du, how do I do that? besides I did not do anything to unplug the ssd? as I said it was working fine till few days ago
  11. Hello everyone and thanks all for support and info. I bought my xpl 3900 from Bob's Electronics who is a very good and honest person and I highly recommend him His 3900 comes with 80 SSD ( paying extra for the ssd of course) and was working fine till few days ago, that it has disappeared from the 3900 box and I can not find it. I was wondering if any of you fine people can help me with that ? Much Obliged
  12. coming from power off.
  13. Hello all and thank you for your help. Last couple of days I noticed that when I turn on the buzz tv 3900 and go to Settings----> Servers instead of opening the Server setting page, the whole screen goes grey and stays grey So, I press on "home" button and get out and try again and this time, it gets stuck on Server stage before opening Server setting page And it takes finally a third attempt to get me to the server setting page to pick my server and watch tv What's going on? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for providing the info , I had not used my xpl 3000 model for a while, so I decided to try it out and noticed that started an update by downloading it, but never gave me thumbs up finishing and installing it?! Am I missing a step that I am supposed to be doing to complete this process? Much Obliged
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