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pair my Bose wireless headphone with my Classic?


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Hello to my all good friends and thank you in advance for all your help and patience.

I need your help with my Bose (Bose QC SC Headphones) as it is not pairing with my Classic?! it pairs easily with my U5 model not with Classic?!

I made sure the blue tooth was ON and I was even standing very close to my Classic unit but still has a hard time finding the Bose?!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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OK.. I just borrowed my kids headphones (Got them each a pair of Bose QC45 SE for xmas - from Costco) 🙂

When I initially tried, it would see them (identified as Bose QC45), but when you tried to pair, it would come back with a basic message "could not pair".

Tried 5 or 6 times.  I was about to give up, and as it was in the pairing process (just before giving me an error message), I reached towards the Classic to unplug it, to plug my X5 to it, to try also, and bingo, it actually paired.   So I don't know if it was my hand reaching close and acting as some sort of antenna, which helped, but it paired.  

I proceeded to unpair it, and tried at least 4 or 5 times, and it paired flawlessly after that.  I was quite impressed that watching some new programs, the latency was close to 0.

I unplugged the box, plugged it back in, and it was a repeat again of not connecting.. This time I just reached my hand over the box again and it successfully paired.. And then proceeded to unpair and repair with no issues a number of times..  Very strange, but I did manage to get it to pair.

Have you installed the "Bose Music" app on your phone, paired headphones and checked to see if there is any firmware update ?  Sometimes firmware update can help with connection issues.







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Hello my good friend and thank you for your time.

I managed to pair to my Classic after following what you explained and after few trials, by getting my headphones close to the Classic and finally paired 🙂

The interesting part was with U5, did not have issues at all?! are there any software difference between U5+Classic that might enable U5 to pair easier?

Thanks again for your time and help.

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