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Bluetooth remote not responding

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So I’ve purchased 3 vidsticks and I started to set them up. The first one I noticed has new packaging so I’m assuming this is a 2nd gen of the vidstick. Anyway when trying to use the remote it is very unresponsive while trying to navigate and pretty much doing it’s own thing, it seems as if the stick is getting the remote commands late. So I thought maybe it was a bad remote or a bad vidstick, so I opened up another one and same thing was happening. Now before you ask YES THE IR WAS PLUGGED IN(not that it should matter much because the remotes are Bluetooth) but it seems like the signal is not strong enough in these new batches of sticks. Is there anyway to fix this??

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30 minutes ago, nbs. said:

have you tried a second stick?

Yes I tried another one and same result, so I’m assuming it’s a firmware issue or the Bluetooth strength is not as strong. Firmware version: V202110203

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