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Esssentials ARQ 200 220 250 Quick Start Guide


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First Time Set-Up:

Follow these steps to pair your remote to BuzzTV Device
i. Open the battery covers on the back of the keyboard
ii. Remove the USB receiver
iii. Insert 2 x AAA batteries
iv. Plug the remote receiver into the USB of the BuzzTV Box
v. You can now use the ARQ-200 series remote with your TV
If your remote does not work after this, try to re-pair the Dongle.

How to Re-Pair the ARQ-200 Series dongle:
i. Press and hold OK + TV Power buttons for 4 seconds
ii. Let go of both buttons & a red light will be blinking at
the top of the remote
iii. Hookup the USB dongle to your BuzzTV Device.
iv. You should be paired after this

General steps for color button programming:
There are 4-colour buttons which can be programmed to control shortcuts within the BuzzTV Device
i. Find and open the settings from the Home screen
ii. Next click BuzzTV Utilities
iii. Then Choose Remote control
iv. You will be able to set your colour button shortcuts from
this menu

Frequently Asked Questions:
General Note: in each case listed below ensure you are using a fresh set of batteries.
1. How to adjust the sensitivity/speed of the mouse cursor?
i. Find and open the settings from the Home screen
ii. Next click BuzzTV Utilities
iii. Then Choose Remote control
iv. You will be able to adjust your mouse sensitivity in this

2. Why do some function keys (like OK and Return) not work?
If the red LED indicator is flashing slowly the remote is in a low battery condition. Replace with a fresh set of batteries. If this does not solve the issue check to ensure the USB dongle is paired with device. Lastly, a few keys might not interact with some devices because of different code protocol between devices.

3. Why does the cursor move very slow or even disappear?
After ensuring you have a fresh set of batteries, re-plug the USB dongle, press OK+ to re-pair.

4. How to type numeric characters?
Press the ALT button to enable use of numeric characters. Press ALT again to disable numeric characters.

5. How to wake up the air mouse when in standby mode?
Pressing any key will wake up the air mouse.

6. Why does the backlight not work?
Press the Backlight button to turn on the backlight. After period of not using the remote it will enter standby mode. Press any key and backlight will be turn back on.

7. How to reset the air mouse to full factory reset?
Press + DEL at the same time for 3 seconds, the air mouse will be reset to a full factory reset.

8. Why Has the cursor suddenly stopped working?
Press the cursor lock button to switch on the cursor

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