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Rewind and fast forward BuzzTV E2 MAX


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TimeShift setup on BuzzTv 5 

1. Connect your usb stick to any of USB port. (USB 3.0 works better if you have available)
2. Go to settings
3. Click storage
4. Click on your usb stick
5. You should see option erase and format as removable storage. So click on it. (If you dont see this option then format your usb first and once done dont use usb as a internal storage. Just click on move later and start from step 3 again. Now you should see erase and format as removable storage option.
6. Click format
7. Once done, now you should see usb as removable storage.
8. keep pressing back until you get to home screen
9. Now click live tv
10. While watching live TV press menu
11. Go to PVR
12. Go to PVR Options
13. Turn on Timeshift
14. Click Timeshift Cache Storage and select your USB and go back
15. Timeshift Cache Size (up to as much you want, 2 GB is good enough)
16 Now when you go to live TV and you should see TS option lid up on bottom right next to CC REC and HD info. If not press info button to see it in bottom right corner.
17. Now you should see white solid line on top of blue line indicating you can go back up to that time. You should be able to use pause and rewind function now.
18. If you dont see TS option in info bar that mean you won’t be able to rewind/pause this channel or stream


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Thanks Ryu for helping it's very appreciated. 

Now I did it but it's not working and it could be my fault. I used the SD card instead of usb. That could be the reason why it didn't work. I have included a picture of live TV. And what is funny is the channel I used to rewind. There's no sound while there is a picture. And went no picture I have sound.

But I see the TS to the left of CC REC HD


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51 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

Thanks I see and those who have the play cercle are working but there's not to many channels that as that. 

Why they don't have this play cercle. Hey thanks for your you are a good coach. 

for those that don't have catchup use timeshift

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Thank you very much dishuser hope this is last request. I see that there is a new update apparently of March 3 2023 but I check for update and it say I'm up to date. 

Current firmware version is  V20220916

Current IPTV Version: 5.0.799

Last time checked for update: April 07,09:11AM.

So do I have to look for updating in some other way to do the update ??


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2 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

So sorry that I have to bug you again. 

I'm able to pre-register tv channels. But I can't download VOD movie. I get message download fail. In section download VOD all the movies I have chosen are (download failed )


are you using xc api?

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25 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

Thanks again, 

No I leave to look at something else. I see that we are supposed to wait. Ok

So I have to ask what is xc api??

with mac you can't go watch another channel while downloading

but you can use an app while downloading or recording

for example:youtube

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