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BT 250 Back light


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1 minute ago, Emporium said:

As far as I know the backlight on the BT-250 is controllable by the "Remote" app on the newer devices.  Would be nice it it had a shortcut like the BT-200, but I have not seen one listed anywhere.


I don't think the remote has backlight

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I rarely use the backlight on any of my remotes.  They have become all muscle memory by now.

I had completely forgotten about the fact that the BT-250 had no backlight.

One thing however that would be nice with the BT-250 is for it to react a little more like the ARQ series remotes.  ie:

  • when the airmouse is active, it would be nice to have some other buttons also functional.  With the ARQ series, the "back" button is still functional, so it you select a menu or icon (like "apps" or "settings"), when you press the back button it does back out when using the ARQ.  With the BT-250, you need to disable the airmouse to be able to back out.  I even tested with my generic MX3 remote (which is similar to the ARQ200) and it also still has the back button active (and they still have the dpad functional also - which is not much use since the OK button follows the mouse cursor). 
  • Would also be nice if the mouse cursor/ok button could be used in the standard android keyboard.  It works in the BuzzTV keyboards (like when searching TV series/VOD), but on the standard android keyboard (like when entering a new server info), it does not work to select the letters.



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  • 3 weeks later...

I confirmed with head office: The BT-250 remote does NOT have a backlight feature because of cost savings (too costly to add it apparently). This is a horrible  decision by management. Very frustrating because I know for a fact that many customers want this backlight feature, especially when they pay for a premium device. One step forward, two steps back. 

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Confirmed with head office....lol It was already posted there was no backlight Horrible decision? Do you know how much more it would have added to the price of a box?

You can always get a remote with backlight if it's so desperately needed

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