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Suspend and auto shutoff app settings

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The one in config settings just exits the BuzzTV app and stops streaming if you don't do anything un BuzzTV after a certain amount of time (like if you want it to stop streaming in case you fall asleep).  Typically goes back to home screen.

The one under screen saver would put the box into suspend mode if the box stays idle for more than x amount of time.



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However be careful using the suspend option in the screen saver screen.  I tried it for kicks, and when it kicks in, it puts the device into a bizarre state.  LED was still blue, but device was in a suspend state, and no mater what I did with the remote (BT or IR), it would not respond or come out of the suspend state.  I needed to pull the plug.  I didn't do piles of testing, but twice that I tried it, I got that issue.

I typically have it set for the BuzzTV app to exit after 2 hours. It is rare that I would not touch the remote for 2 hours.  If I don't, odds are I have fallen asleep 🙂  So it bails me out to the home screen after 2 hours of no remote activity, and then after a little while, the screen saver kicks in (fading clock).  But I do not have the suspend option enabled.\

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