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On 1/8/2021 at 9:13 AM, nbs. said:

Probably looking after minor issues with file before release

No eta

Hello nbs:

Any idea if this is going to address the issue a lot of people are having with the BT remote not responding well? I reached out to  Buzz at  cs@buzztv.com some time ago and was told they were aware of the problem. If I remember correctly it had something to do with interference with the BT signal and to use the IR option. Unfortunately for me I didn't have much luck with this solution either. I see they now have the Vidstick + and there also looks to be a "Max" version coming soon. Hoping they don't give up on the original version.

I was getting so frustrated with it, I took it out of my setup and placed it on the shelf for the time being, until hopefully they  find a solution for this problem. Not sure why everyone is not plagued with this problem, as many people must have other BT devices they use.

Anyway I've reverted back to the Buzz XPL 3000 that works like a champ and with no issues. I was hoping to have a portable option with the Vidstick but, so far no such luck. Thank you.

Cheers :)


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On 1/8/2021 at 10:09 AM, marcoose said:

hi all any idea when new update is rolling out for st4000 vidstick?many thanks

hi in your new update can you please fix the problems with bbc iplayer, itv hub and virgin tv .bbc iplayer installs but does not show up as a proper app it is hidden.itv hub installs but does network because it comes up as the owner has not got the liceince to use this app on this device.on virgin tv which is the app for canadian tv from virgin media canada it loads the wrong app .it loads the app you would use to chromecast with and will not play anything the proper virgin tv app will work like any other tv app .so i hope you can address these problems thanks.

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