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I purchased the WD My Passport external drive for my XRS4500 box.  I could not get it set up correctly.  Could someone share how to install the external drive ?  I called WD they said it only works on windows and Mac's.  if that is the case can you recommend a external drive for it ?  Thanks in advance 

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been using WD My Passport 1TB HDD pretty much on all devices, from Windows to android boxes.

 With these Buzz boxes and that large amount of HDD you are connecting to them, you need to safely add or remove the drive to and from USB port. That means power off the Buzz box and then connect the drive to it and power back on. You can connect to a powered on Buzz box, but you would have to watch your Buzz go thru a reboot.

I can tell you with experienced testing that when I connect my WD MyPassport 1TB to the powered up XRS4500  or XR4000, the buzz box goes thru a reboot sequence.

It does work after the cycle completes and can see and access the drive's content fine.


If you have issues with that drive, maybe you need to enter it's Properties thru your windows Control Panel and delete it and then re-install.

That might give that WD  a kick in the pants and then your buzz may see it 🙂

Them guys at WD support seem not to know things, lol.... unless something changed with their new models, I been using WD products forever, with no issues on androids.

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When I plug it in that is it, I don't have to add it to the Buzz box? When I first hooked it up it did ask me did I want to format to this device, the buzztv.    Now the only place I even see it is inS Explorer as a OTG1,.  When I attempt to add anything I Geta cannot connect this needs to be a NF1 or Fat (something like that ).   Are you saying I should hook theWD to my MacBook and and delete it?  What is it? LOL.  Thanks, I appreciate your help.  I thought I read somewhere that 1TB was the max?  

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Okay,forget about the deleting thing, that was just to reestablish the driver on your PC and therefore may have been seen by the buzz... BUT Sound like it just needs to be formated.

Format to FAT or xFAT

You can do that with it connected to your PC... I do not have experience with MAC Books thou.

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with a google search I found some info...

The way you reformat a volume on a Mac is using Disk Utility

In general any FAT format should work on both a PC and a Mac as I understand it (not from personal experience but from others).


If you need more info on the process, a simple google search should help.

And also if you have any content on that drive, you should transfer it onto PC or MAC before formatting. The formatting process with preeminently delete all content from the drive.

And on another note, I found that formatting a large drive like a 1 TB works better thru a formatting tool such as Swissknife, as apposed to the windows PC format tool.

MAC may be different and may be just fine without the need for additional tool.

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