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What type of RAM on the E2 SE?

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I have never seen any clarification on the memory type for the Essentials line.  Everywhere it is just mentioned as DDR without any details on DDR3 or DDR4.  The S905X3 cpu supports both as far as I know so hard to tell.  Maybe the lack of precision is also on purpose.  The S2 is an entry level box, and with the current supply chain situation (since the beginning of the pandemic) for all sorts of PCB components, it makes it difficult sometimes to secure supply of one specific chip type (there are some chips that now have 1yr+ of lead time - which is crazy).  Leaving it open, can offer them the flexibility to use substitutes when required and able.  Entry level boxes would probably be bottlenecked elsewhere, and the DDR3 vs DDR4 would make a very negligible difference for most.

If you look at the comparison page from Buzz, you will see that all the entry level boxes are not explicitly mentioned what type of RAM is used.  Most of the other boxes are clearly listed as LPDDR4.


Is your brother planning to use the box for anything more that the onboard BuzzTV IPTV apps (LiveTV, VOD, TV Series) ?  If not, then it won't make any difference.  Also, he may want to look into the new E5 model instead.  I know it is only 2GB of RAM, but it has the newer S905X4 CPU (vs the S905X3) which is the same CPU as on the flagship X5 and U5 devices, and it also runs on Android 11, instead of Android 9.  For use as an IPTV box, using the BuzzTV 5 app, I have to say, I was impressed overall.  And this coming from someone who also has even the flagship units (xrs4900, X5 and U5 devices).  I was genuinely impressed on how smooth and quick the box is for LiveTV.  Everything just loads super quick and runs smooth.  

Now, if he is planning to run stuff like Kodi with all sorts of plugins, or something else that has heavier requirements, then that is a different story.  2GB may be borderline for that.

Anyhow, just my $0.02 worth.




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Thanks Emporium and NBS. Appreciate it! So it looks like the SE would be 4GB DDR3. I currently have the xrs4000 and based on his budget I was going to recommend either that or the E2 SE. He's just going to use it mainly for the buzz tv 5 app (live tv, vod etc) so I think he should be ok going with the E2 SE since it's a newer model.

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