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No picture and sound from EPG

Don Fell

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What does EPG have to do with this ?  I assume you mean just LiveTV channels ?

Have you tried changing media player for LiveTV from the Configuration menu ?  (depending what version of buzztv you have, it may be listed as Default, Primary, Secondary, backup, etc..)

Also, would help to post what device you have (Vidstick ST4000 or otherwise), and what exact version of BuzzTV you are presently running.


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8 minutes ago, Wes Scribner said:

Just purchased a vidstick and can't find any tutorials or videos on how to add live TV apps. Can't get anything to work. I hate this lol. Can I get a refund? 

you don't add live tv apps

a refund for stupidity?

this world would be broke if that happened...lol

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Here's some more info for installing apks /apps

Copy credited from a friend 🙂


Apps (applications) can be loaded on the VidStick in a few different ways.

-App Store has a shortcut shown on your Home Screen. This App Store is an online Aptoide TV Store free to use with no registration needed.
Upon first opening this Store, you may and probably will get an alert to update to the newest version. This is only an update for this particular Aptoide TV app, so go ahead and accept that update. Now you can explore what's in the Store and available to download with simply a few clicks away (follow onscreen prompts).
This can also be a good place to view the tech info with any particular app.

-Google Play Store has a shortcut shown in the 'All Apps' category. This Store prompts you to sign in using your google account.
Upon first opening this Store, you will see an update start on it's own, let it update.
Once in the Store, explore at your leisure http://iptvtalk.net/images/smilies/smile.png

Next we will look at the two pre-installed File Managers found on your VidStick. These 2 applications can be used for side-loading an APK file.

File Browser and AppInstaller

I prefer the File Browser as it also has other abilities included. Such as the ability to open any downloaded movies you may have on a device and in turn open a Video Player to watch the movie.
All done from right inside the File Browser, so no need to use other added steps to get the job donehttp://iptvtalk.net/images/smilies/smile.png

An APK file is basically just a carrier of an app (application).
The APK file is what is downloaded and placed onto a USB memory device. The app inside of that apk file, is what is installed on your Android device.

For example, I want to load the Total Comander Manager/Explorer.

Before we carry on , we need to first 'Allow Apps from Unknown Sources'
This can be done thru the VidStick's onboard Android menus.

Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Security & Restrictions > Unknown Sources.

Once you open the Unknown Sources option, you will see the apps currently installed on your VidStick, and these apps shown are the ones that can possibly install stuff on your Stick.
You will see the AppInstaller and the File Browser are listed there and they need to be set to be 'Allowed'. But with this VidStick, the Buzz team has already set those to 'Allowed' , so nothing to see here... lol
I did however want to show that procedure because it is a rarity to see these 'Allowed' as default, but is a nice touch to see added by the Team http://iptvtalk.net/images/smilies/smile.png

Okay now we need two things...
1. The apk file of the application that you want to side-load (download & install).
2. A USB memory drive device, formatted to FAT32 or xFat

Here's an APK file of a favorite Manager/Explorer application I like to have installed on all my Android boxes...
Total Commander apk for Android


The ghisler website is their home developer site.


I don't think you can find the Android version of the Comander at their developer site thou.

Once you get that APK onto your USB memory stick, follow along with the text shown below.

This is where we can install apk files onto the Buzz box.
Apk files a way to install an application thru USB device drive. Once installed, the APP can be found in your My APPS menu.
You will need the apk file placed on a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
Always try to have the USB drive inserted into the Buzz box while the Buzz is powered off.
If the drive is not recognized, then use the Power icon on bottom right on main Buzz screen and Reboot.
Then enter AppInstaller again and the USB drive should now be seen.
Appinstaller does only one thing and that is installing an Application (app) from an apk file.

-File Browser
Another apk installer.
If the USB is not seen then again follow above procedure.
On File Browser's main screen you should see..
-Local Disk
-USB drive
Open USB and you will see the contents of the drive.
.txt or any files can be opened and seen onscreen.
.apk files can be installed, just click to install.
This one can be used to open selected video files as well and be instantly played on command right from this File Manager.


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This is the first thread that came up on the first time I ever came in here and used the forum. Didn't mean to write on this members topic but you sure were quick to act dooshy about it. Maybe next time approach people differently. Not everyone is a expert at streaming TV across multiple devices like you 😉

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2 hours ago, Wes Scribner said:

This is the first thread that came up on the first time I ever came in here and used the forum. Didn't mean to write on this members topic but you sure were quick to act dooshy about it. Maybe next time approach people differently. Not everyone is a expert at streaming TV across multiple devices like you 😉

read the rules douche

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It's been my experience (over many years being on these forums) that jacking someone else's thread can be purely accidental and or unintentional. It may very well be breaking house rules but it's not a crime that deserves a beheading. I jacked this thread just by responding out of turn. Did I do it intentionally ? ... No

I have read the rules.

As a staff rep at other forums, it is part of my duties (by choice) to simply move any thread jacking posts into their own thread , along with any responses. I do that without giving new members (or old members) a bunch of grief and possibly traumatizing that new member from ever posting again. I would think that Buzztv sales would suffer if that was the case, depending.

Just my opinion on the matter 🙂

My apologies to Original Poster. Thread jacking was not my intent 😞


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