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BT-400 remote does not work with Netflix

Jean Couture

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In the Aptoide store, it clearly says that this app requires a mouse.  And there is a quick popup on the bottom that states that this version is not tested on STB and TV devices.



Netflix is pushing their DRM and only support their "certified devices" (like the shield, firetv, appletv, rocku, etc..).  The last version of netflix to not require DRM was Netflix 6.26.1 build 15 31696.  If you search for it, you can download the APK from sites like apkmirror if you please.  Anything from V7 upwards will tell you that your device is not compatible.  



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You can press the arrow key (bottom right of the D-pad) on the BT400 and enable the mouse cursor and then use the D-pad to move around.  IT is very cumbersome, agreed.  But that is not Buzz's fault that Netflix is getting very tight on which devices have the right to use their app on a TV box.  They are the ones putting artificial and unnecessary restrictions.  Using a remote like the ARQ series makes the forced mouse use a little more tolerable if you use it regularly.

 When Netflix was just a content provider, they did not put much effort in restrictions.  However once they starting creating their own content and became a content creator, their views completely changed and they locked down the app.

Honestly, "most" people I know (not all yet) have dropped netflix, in favor of the usual VOD/TV Series that are offered by decent IPTV services.  With decent IPTV services you get the full combo of Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc..



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