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My Review of BuzzTV5 (Beta) f/w installation and operation on XRS4000 STB


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I will start and preface with a couple of statements before I start my review; All my comments are based on my personal experience and knowledge and I take no responsibility of anyone procuring different results from following my instructions or comments.

I have been involved in the IPTV scene for about 5 years. I had became tired of paying exobarant fees to both satellite services and cable companies. I own 5 Buzztv stb's (4x XRS4000 and 1x XR4000). I also own  several Dreamlink boxes of which all are non active and am planning to give them away to my family and close friends.
My introduction into BuzzTV5 firmware came as a result of a close friend for whom I had purchased a new XRS4000 box as she wanted to sever her ties with her cable tv service. She was extremely happy with the STB and all its features but could not record some of her shows while she was at work. Unfortunately, with the OEM firmware there was no option to record one channel while the rest of the family were viewing other channels. She had asked me to find if there was such an option. This led me to finding about BuzzTV5 which does offer a multi-stream option (watch and record two different TV Live streams). I will make a notation at this point to check with your IPTV provider before you jump into multi-streaming game. Some providers will not allow multi-streaming and will only allow a single stream service per single IPTV account. Read your TOS from your IPTV provider.
In order to download and install the new firmware, I will make a note once again that everyone should follow the instructions provided in "How To" section  on the installation of BuzzTV5 Beta firmware. Not following the specific instructions may cause STB's operational issues to as far as "bricking" your box.  I will also raise an issue to copy the server portal address(es) from your Server settings before you proceed with the next step as you will be required to re-enter this information after the firmware re-write. We are not allowed to discuss anything to specific IPTV providers, but make sure to copy the correct Server portal address as every period/coma will make a difference in your connection.
In order to download the BuzzTV5 firmware to your (XR4000 or XRS4000) stb, you have to make sure your box has the latest firmware. At the time of my writing the most recent firmware is V20211111 for XR4000/XRS4000 stb's (each model of BuzzTV stb will have a different firmware version for which you need to familiarize yourself before you commence on the cfw update). This step is very important. Once you have confirmed you have the most recent firmware, you are ready to move to Buzztv5  download page.  This is accomplished by staying on your firmware update page and keying with your remote the following numbers: 2015. You will be directed to a BuzzTV5 Beta firmware page if you are compatible or enabled to continue with the BuzzTV5 update. If you do not have the access, there is a reason which I will not go into at this time.
The new firmware is of considerable size (~1 GB) and once you have started the download do not touch any keys on your remote or unplug the power from the stb. Let the download come to a full and complete installation. It may take from a 2-3 minutes to several minutes depending on your internet speed connection. Once the firmware is fully downlaoded, the box will go through a couple (or more ) reboots. Again, it is important to raise this caution and mention to let the box go through a full re-write of the firmware and not interfere in its operation. For much of this update you will have a black screen on your tv with the  blue breathing LED flashing. I would go as far as saying the less you touch the better you are off (under no circumstance do not unplug the stb while it is in the midst of rewriting the firmware; Go have a tea or a coffee while the system is updating). You will have reached the end of this update when the box shows your new BuzzTV home page (Live Tv, VOD, PVR, All Apps icons...). Keep note that your Settings icon will now be located in the top right corner of the TV screen including the date/time and your location. All your previous settings including your IPTV portals will be erased and you will be required to re-enter this information once again to connect to your original providers. In order to access the Server portal settings click on the Settings icon and right-click to Server Settings.

At this point I will suggest to re-enter your IPTV portal addresss and see if you can connect to your original IPTV service. It may take a minute or so. One of my observations when I connected to my IPTV service was the message that I could not connect to many streams/channels. Do not worry as this will resolve itself in a bit of time. Even when the BuzzTV5 is fully installed there will be more updates to follow and thus I suggest you leave the box for several hours to fully install/integrate all the new updates. I started my BuzzTV5 update during the evening hour (around 7pm) and decided to leave it on  through the night to resolve itself of all these little issues. The next day, I can unequivocally  say that everything was working like a Swiss watch. There are still some minor bugs here and there but Buzztv5 is fantastic and my impression better than the original firmware.

This is a lengthy post will receive more edits from me as I come across your questions and hopefully some of you will offer me corrections when something is stated incorrectly. I hope this will help to those that are about to consider an update to their BuzzTV STB.
Cheers. 😃


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