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Ricky Clements


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2 hours ago, Ricky said:

I just got my u5 it came with a hard drive I installed it but it’s now showing up in storage what do I do now?

It is "NOW" showing up as storage, or did you want to say "NOT" showing up as storage ?

If it is NOT showing up as storage, then please check your power supply.  I have had many people that I recommended the box to who have complained to me, and nearly 90% of them, it is because they just unplugged their older Buzz box and plugged in the U5.  Be careful.  The U5 (and the xrs4900) come with and use a 12V power supply.  All other boxes use 5V.   With a 5V power supply, the U5 will power up and seem to work, but you will not have all the required power to spin up the HDD, so you NEED to use the power supply you got with the U5, you can't use the 5V ones used by other boxes.    BUT Be careful not to plug the 12V power supply back into other buzz boxes.

Let us know.



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