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HD5 PVR recording issue


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Hello. I have issues with PVR recording, and not sure if it is the bug or it is supposed to be like this.

I setup PVR recording to start in lets say 24 hours, and I turn off TV, don't want it to run for 24 hrs, but keep HD5 on.

It seems that in a few seconds after TV is off HD5 goes to sleep mode, and the front LED goes off.

I expect HD5 to wake up on time and start recording.

However that doesn't happen.

HD5 stays in sleep mode, and next day when I wake it up by pressing any button on remote, there is nothing recorded and I just see short message that scheduled recording deleted, which make sense cause it is already past its scheduled recording time.

If I keep both TV and HD5 on then scheduled recording starts and stops normally.

It seems like the issue is the sleep mode, which is not overruled by PVR recording schedule, but I couldn't find any setting to cancel or suspend sleep mode. The only setting I found is screen save mode.

If it is designed like this then it seems very strange, what the point of PVR, if you need to keep TV on for very long time. Maybe there is some setting I am missing. If anyone has the same issue and found solution, please advice. Thank you.

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Are you using CEC ?  If so, as a test, try disabling CEC.

Settings->Device Preferences->Display and Sound->HDMI CEC  And turn off both options.

This will avoid the TV from forcing a shutdown on the HD5 itself, when the TV is  turned off.  You can test it by turning off the TV, and noticing if the HD5 remains on.   If this works, then you should be able to turn off the HD5 (using the remote), and it should record as scheduled.  Just doing this to ensure that it is not the TV/CEC that is interfering with the box from waking up/recording.


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