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Télécommande BT-250


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All my BT remotes have backlight, but I rarely use the backlight, due to it being a battery hog with light on (as dishuser mentioned). And I have gotten so used to the remote layouts, that I rarely need to even look at the remote.

Can't say for sure if the BT-250 has a backlight.  All the advertisement material for the BT-250 that I found does NOT list backlight as one of the options.  So don't know it if was overlooked, or if it actually does not have it.

Maybe if someone who has one, or knows for sure, could chime in on this.


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Bt 200 effectivement les batteries ne dur pas longtemps 

Ces une magnifique télécommande mes sont gros défauts et qu'elle et trop fragile j'ai des problèmes de pertes de bluetooth dessus et aussi sur le défilement des chaine qui reste bloqué 

Ma deuxième télécommande et arq 100 et ma deuxième télécommande elle et super solide et marche à la perfection 

J'espère que la BT 250 sera solide 


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8 hours ago, Lovebuzztv said:

buzztv and not international lol

sorry, I thought you were translating on your own like it does to me on my phone.

was learning French so you wouldn't need to translate for me anymore

no I was using google

I only enough french,italian and spanish to get by when talking to people in person

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