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Latest firmware for BuzzTV 5 beta on XRS4500?


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Hi all,

I've got the message that my MAC address was added to the beta, so I've tried to update and got the beta release of BuzzTV 5. It downloaded and installed firmware V20220106, and for IPTV version it says 5.0.653. I've read about more recent versions with higher 5.0.X numbers, but I'm not sure if those are for the XRS4500. Is that version the most recent?

I'm asking that because the box is now looping in the "Modern" launcher, saying that "BuzzTV 5 keeps stopping". It's not crashing immediately, it takes about 1-5 seconds to crash and restart the launcher (not the box). I've tried rebooting the box, but it didn't help. If I'm lucky, I can start the Settings app before it crashes and switch to a different launcher and then it works OK. It's looping with that problem only in Modern launcher. Does anybody know how to fix that? I've tried clearing the cache for BuzzTV 5 app, but that didn't help either.

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Thanks, dishuser. It's all resolved now.

I was watching TV (15-ish minutes ago, started from a Media Player launcher) and I've got the message on screen that my BuzzTV 5 app got updated, my stream got closed and I was sent back to the Home screen. I started the BuzzTV 5 app again and continued watching TV. When I saw your message, I closed the stream and went to Settings to try what you've suggested and check for the update. It said "no new updates", but I've noticed that the IPTV version is now 5.0.775. It looks like it downloaded the update to the app automatically. The most important thing is that, when I saw the new version, I tried the Modern launcher and it all works fine now, no looping.

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