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Stuck on red light


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I just received my x5 yesterday, it was working great and then I installed the newest update and now after the boot screen the front light turns from blue to red and I get no response from the remote. It’s stuck at the main Home Screen and the weather is current and the time changes so the unit is functioning. Not sure what to do,  thank you. 

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I'm assuming you tried to unplug power, and replug it to reboot it ?

So you are at the home screen, and the light is red ?  Do you have another HDMI cable to try ?

When you press buttons on the remote, is the RED LED on the remote coming on as you press buttons ?  Have you tried pointing the remote towards the X5 to see if the IR is working (ie: maybe just the Bluetooth is unsync'd).  Fresh set of batteries ?

If you have a USB PC mouse lying around, can you plug it in and see if the box responds ?



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8 minutes ago, StepBro said:

I was able to use a computer mouse and go into settings, it says remote is connected.  However light it still red and no response from remote

In the settings/remote section, click on the remote, and UNPAIR it.

Then "add new device".   When it starts searching, Simultaneously pressand hold the OK button and the HOME button for 4 seconds until it starts blinking.  This puts the remote into pairing mode and the X5 should see it.  Once it sees it, click on it with the mouse to pair it again.


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