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Help with issue with VOD episodes


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I've been going mad trying to fix this issue and hope someone here can help. I have a Buzz XPL3000. When we want to watch a tv show on VOD and lets say we want to watch multiple episodes or binge watch, the episodes are not going to the next one in order. So instead of going from episode 1 to 2 to 3....., they go backwards so if you were on episode 3 it goes to 2 then 1. It even says next episode will be ep 2 etc. (going backwards)

I've tried every setting i could think of including all of the players, i've cleared cache, data of apps and even hard reset twice. Our box is on the version 2.0 (352) firmware. It used to work fine when we were using another sub but since then we've changed sub's and this new update happens so i'm not sure what is the cause. I had someone try this new sub with a Buzz 4500 and they said it worked perfectly fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the responses guys and glad i'm not the only one as this is driving me nuts. @nbs. i'm not home so can't check right now but the one thing i did notice is that we were using another sub and it worked perfectly but in that sub the episodes were sorted old to new. We just switched to another sub and the episodes are sorted new to old. Could this be the reason and it really is something Buzz will have to look in to?

For some reason i think when we first were trying trials subs, i vaguely remember that i was able to sort the episodes from old to new and vice versa but there is no sort option available so not sure it was a hidden setting or just my imagination.

@ssathi  are your episode sorted new to old or old to new? 

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On 4/3/2020 at 8:53 AM, 416guy said:

That would be me! 😉

😀 Fancy meeting you here Aggy.

Forgot to update this post but I explained the whole situation to the folks at BuzzTv and hopefully a upcoming update will fix the issue for those of us that this is an issue for. 🤞 They said it was an easy fix.

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