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  1. Even though the issue is the same the reasons might be different Discussion of one receiver model should stay in that receiver forum It's too difficult to help multiple people in one thread which is why hijacking is frowned upon
  2. nbs.

    XXX channels

    After an hour you will have to unlock it with a password I believe
  3. nbs.

    Freezing problems

    He said he's wired
  4. nbs.

    Freezing problems

    You could also install an app to test your service to confirm its not a server issue They have been known to BS
  5. nbs.

    Freezing problems

    Menu ,settings, configuration
  6. nbs.

    Freezing problems

    Have you tried both media players? Cleared cache in buzz 5 app? Closed running apps (hit home button twice quickly)?
  7. You already have a thread going
  8. Could be power supply, bad hdmi. Try clearing cache too Have you done a hard reset or soft?
  9. Here is the guide to do a hard reset The button can be a little tricky to find sometimes Its near the top of av hole and you can feel it
  10. Sounds like a server issue?
  11. Just a little bit..lol
  12. nbs.

    Parmount plus

    dont now your set up c and p from paramount site Note: Supported devices must be connected via HDMI to a receiver capable of decoding Dolby Audio.
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