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  1. You'll have to wait for the update
  2. Hit menu button on remote while tv is full screen Version # is at bottom
  3. nbs.

    VPN Buffering

    Buzz adds the mac to the update server and sends it out manually
  4. nbs.


    how many google apps do you have installed?
  5. nbs.


    the Google notification came on before the box was on? What did it say?
  6. Use secondary player
  7. nbs.

    Recording Issue...

    I've been waiting for allaboutbuzz
  8. nbs.

    ARQ 250

    There is no mention of any voice controls
  9. nbs.

    ARQ 250

    its not available anywhere yet
  10. its probably a matter of the version you are using Someone should be able to help you soon with which version they are using
  11. That's correct It is fixed and will be in next update
  12. There is a big difference between sending updates up to a few people and writing a firmware update that's sent out to all boxes Bark? ....lol
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