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  1. The buzz5 software will first be released for the 4900 The other units that get the buzz 5 will come after.
  2. Remote works well in IR mode Email buzz with your issue and they will help you out
  3. can you post a pic? I have had this show when i was having issues with the server
  4. Have you tried using the buzz secondary player?
  5. nbs.

    Sound loss

    nothing would change until an update
  6. nbs.

    Sound loss

    I don't see him saying that. In your discussions with allaboutbuzz was the issue recognized? With any box and hundreds of different servers using different protocols there are bound to be conflicts
  7. nbs.

    Sound loss

    like i said the software hasnt changed so why did it start again ? It has to be the server
  8. nbs.

    PVR issue

    he doesnt need to upgrade .he just needs to wait
  9. Like Du said its not posted
  10. nbs.

    Sound loss

    II know about 20 users who have no sound issues Have you discussed your issue with buzz?
  11. nbs.

    Sound loss

    at your server site it was posted by admin that it was a server issue was it not you also posted thet the sound loss started again after it was fine and that it happened last year The software has not changed
  12. nbs.


    Don't think so I have 3 arqs and they all are different I was going to ask buzz myself if it was possible but probably won't know till Monday if allaboutbuzz is away
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