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  1. It should be available in the next update
  2. Menu configuration settings epg offset
  3. nbs.


    Just load file
  4. Sure it does Have you found the menu where it lists all the time zones? You can also set time manually if you turn off auto
  5. Only one should work anyway What time is wrong? The time on box? Or the guide?
  6. The whole point was to see if there were any issues connecting from power off Three minutes ...lol I just powered on my 4000 and it was 1:03 from off to tv program playing
  7. No suspend is not off. Hold power button down and select power off or use settings
  8. if hard wired make sure wifi is off also try setting box to power off rather than standby and see what happens
  9. you have to reset your box to connect to server? A reboot wont work or menu ,refresh?
  10. Is the time correct at top right ? If it is go to menu settings configuration epg offset If not go settings date and time ,set time zone and adjust your time
  11. No it's not auto recording
  12. No it's not possible unless your service has catchup
  13. Pause and rewind on what? Catchup?
  14. I am having issues understanding what you are saying And down I go into it? And go to live tv?
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