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  1. c and p from whacked AppInstallerThis is where we can install apk files onto the Buzz box.Apk files a way to install an application thru USB device drive. Once installed, the APP can be found in your My APPS menu.You will need the apk file placed on a FAT32 formatted USB drive.Always try to have the USB drive inserted into the Buzz box while the Buzz is powered off.If the drive is not recognized, then use the Power icon on bottom right on main Buzz screen and Reboot.Then enter AppInstaller again and the USB drive should now be seen.Appinstaller does only one thing and that is insta
  2. As avenger stated Buzz is not a service If you dont recall buying one the person who sold you the buzz included a server Contact that person
  3. Are all your boxes using the same service?
  4. Never heard of this issue before Any reason you are not starting your own thread?
  5. you provided no info Have you ruled out your server Are you hard wired? Wifi,? If wifi have you tried hard wired? What's your speed Are you powering off or putting in standby? If live tv is replaying that is called looping and that is a server issue not a buzz issue
  6. when in live tv menu configuration use the back arrow on remote to stop spinning circle if needed
  7. Fyi To hide categories While pic is full screen hit ok button Hit left arrow next to ok button Hit green button Change visible to gray You cant hide the category you are presently in
  8. you know you can hide categories?...lol
  9. hit the mouse button again It might stay on the screen for a few seconds after
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