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  1. Actually he came to this site and said he didn't have an update
  2. Send allaboutbuzz a pm with your mac addy and firmware version He'll add it to the update list He'll be here tomorrow
  3. there is no backup feature yet you can change colour of guide menu settings config ,theme style you can organize your favs too
  4. are you checking for update from home page? post the firmware it says when you check update
  5. I would recommend you update to buzz 5 After checking for update enter 2015 on remote
  6. Possibly but I doubt it There was a holiday last week too
  7. Are you on buzz 4 or 5? Hit the menu button and post the info at bottom
  8. Out-of 14 I know its fixed 12 Don't know what questions you are refering to
  9. If there is anyone who is not letting it go its you!!! You have been given options.
  10. You need to stop being such a drama queen They gave you an option to send it back and get it fixed No tv oh my God!!!!!!
  11. So if you send it out and you get a working box back what's the issue? Despite your assumption that there are many (there isnt) how would you suggest buzz contact them?
  12. The issue was caused by an outside source not notifying buzz of a security update The number of units with the June firmware is small under 100 and a fix was issued If the fix didn't work or the customer wasn't techy enough to do the fix an exchange is arranged. I think that is good service.
  13. nbs.

    Stuck on red light

    Try putting box on suspend for now
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