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  1. Clearing data is not necessary for proper function. I have every buzz on the market and only ever had to do it once on a buzz 3000 Maybe you need to hit the home button twice quickly?
  2. ?? The secondary player in settings is only for the buzz app
  3. Just read all aboutbuzz posts I have had my buzz since release and have never had to clear data.
  4. You mean in menu ,configuration,video player?
  5. Go to menu configuration and turn start on boot off It should then take you to home page on start up then you go select live tv
  6. No in settings Power option is set to what?
  7. Are you sure you cant shutdown by setting in to standby and just hitting power button once quickly?
  8. then contact buzz by email
  9. you need to post the exact steps you are doing I have no issues recording internally or to sd card
  10. nbs.

    Can't connect

    this is one of several guides on utube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6-r5-fDWHg
  11. you can hide any categories you dont want In full screen hit ok left arrow takes you to categories hit green button you can hide any category except the one you are in
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