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  1. why are you not asking in the beta forum? The whole point of having a room is to keep issues private until file is released
  2. I have no issues on mine Can you pm me the server you are using?
  3. You should always start a new thread Leslie and not post in someone else's Hit the home button on remote
  4. I have 4 different servers and i have no issues with any of them from the buzz player It might just need some coding tweaks \hitting home does not clear cache ,it clears memory
  5. are you searching for a show? then it wont continue to next episode I have mentioned it in another beta room Add your show to favourites and i dont think you will have an issue
  6. I believe new boxes are getting that update,not a big deal
  7. hit the menu button and post version info at bottom
  8. youll lose your server data with both methods
  9. go to live tv hit menu and post the version info at bottom
  10. I doubt that will happen Why does that make anything easier?
  11. I have been involved in satellite for many years and the main players did not warranty the remotes sonicview viewsat dreamlink etc
  12. nbs.


    from buzz Teamviewer changed things since Android 8 They require the OEM/Manufacturer to pay them yearly to allow Remote Control Access to work or The person trying to do the remote access is using a Paid Teamviewer account. Buzz had a meeting with Teamviewer this week though, trying to work out a deal to make Remote Access work on their new models. Will update everyone once it is added + working. It will require an OTA update to make it work.
  13. nbs.

    Buzztv XPL3900

    Credit to dishuser
  14. In this case its not a buzz issue
  15. Thats a server issue not a buzz issue I have no issue with any of the 4 servers i use
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