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  1. Type the url your service gave you in the address bar on your computer What does page say?
  2. Or answered about another device (it's been answered now)
  3. How about answering questions that have been asked?
  4. nbs.

    U5 HDD

    Check your cec settings
  5. You might as well wait for the SD card Just a heads-up that buzz has been replacing bricked units due to the June 24 sw
  6. found it with my phone Here are the files to use Basically need to put the 3 files onto the root of an SD Card The SD Card must be min 2GB, no bigger than 64GB Formatted to FAT32 https://mega.nz/folder/TIlUzZhR#vIOZKq43u3MS3Y3zoFHdkQ It will reset your box, but it will take it to 20220811 FW, which from there can get all Future OTAs You can use this to help others individually as well if you want to via PM or Email. Here is the How To Video for it as well https://mega.nz/file/CJtxhb7I#TcHg2u...z8sticOYByRuB0 The whole process takes about 3-5 Minutes till it boots back in. But this will fix any box with 0624 FW.
  7. There was an issue with some x5s that would not allow the box to update There is a fix for it. Unfortunately i am not near my laptop Someone else should be able to send you the fix
  8. Post what firmwate and software version it is
  9. Hackers hack into server panels and steal info then share it with others.
  10. How can you not have have the device(server) id?
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