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**NEW** OFFICIAL Update - HD5- June 16th, 2022-


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HD5 Firmware Update June 16th, 2022


Firmware Changes: 

- Updated Youtube App
- Updated Playstore
- Added Teamviewer Quick Support
- Added Bluetooth Pairing function to Smart Remote App
- Bug Fixes and Optimizations of the OS

-OTA Update for BT 400 Remote with Bug fixes. 





Buzz 5 Version #727 Changes:

- Added Group channel numbering feature for Live TV Categories in the configuration menu. 
- Added actor search feature for VOD + TV Series. You can search Actors movies + TV Shows available on your server 
- Added actor search feature to VOD Info page, you can click on the actors photo to search the movies that are available on the server. 
- Added Radio API Feature to MAC Servers
- All icons on Modern Home Screen have been updated and resized.
- Fixed internal storage free space issue in time shift
- Fixed Locked Category couldn't be hidden
- Fixed scrolling issue in Organize Categories menu
- Fixed a rare memory leak in time shift for HLS streams
- Fixed the app couldn't load Account Info data for some xcodes accounts
- Updated VOD icon on home screen and slide out menu
- Increased max retries if cannot load stream due to buffering.
- Updated tv series API to fix a few minor issues on some servers
- Updated Single EPG UI
- Fixed a bug when the app wouldn't load account data on some MAC servers
- Fixed a bug when the app wouldn't load some MAC servers
- Fixed a bug when the app wouldn't load some EPG programs on some MAC servers
- Fixed a bug when the app would freeze if you try to remove a server or clean EPG if you have a lot of servers with loaded EPG
- Fixed an internal crash if server closed connection while loading XML EPG
- Fixed a rare crash if open Single category VOD grid and then immediately close it
- Fixed a rare crash if open live tv info bar menu while no channels is playing and then  immediately switch to another menu before a channel started playing
- Fixed Time Shift bug when setting up Storage
- Fixed Recording bugs





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