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Why doesn't Live TV record properly?


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Anybody have any ideas on how to get Live TV to record past 1 minute, i'm on the verge of sending this box back to Buzz TV

I have tried severall different ways of recording. Scheduled from the EPG and also  instant recording a channel that I am watching

I have kep the box on the same channel and haven't switch channles or switched it off

I have updated to firmware v20220106

I have tried both internal and external sotrage with a NTFS formatted SSD

I have tried the stream in another IPTV player on a different android box and it does record leading me to believ it's not and issue withthe source stream.

But nothing will record past 1 minute

Please help

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are you on buzz 4 or 5? what buzz version number?

In buzz 5 there is an issue with recording from epg but all other ways work fine

On rare occasions there have been server/box conflicts and that has to be discussed in pm with allaboutbuzz


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it looks like you have tried most everything It could be a bad download?

i might consider a reset but i would uninstall the ssd first

you could try that or wait for allaboutbuzz for more advice

If you do a reset leave the ssd out and just try recording to internal first

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I think I might have found the issue and it's not the box.

I'm using IPTV Editor to tidy up my playlist and it seems to be stopping recording and EPG.

If I switch the feed to the orignal feed from the IPTV source it records without a problem and also shows VOD which it didn't before. 


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