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'Too Many Request' // BuzzTV 5 / XRS4000


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Been having to deal with this very annoying pop up message lately whenever switching or closing apps; "Too many request". 

Just erased and reset the box, message was still one of the first things to pop up on a complete fresh setup. Also, now the channel menu is bold blue and functions a bit different, guess I'll just get used to it. But the "Too many request" message needs to go.

Any suggestions?

BuzzTV 5.0.766


Android 9

Security patch level: September 5, 2020

Kernel: 4.9.113

Build: V20220919

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This message has to do with the weather widget that’s built into the BuzzTV 5 home screens. You will get that message on the Classic, Player 1 and 2 home screens, or weather not available on the Modern screen. Support@buzztv advised it will be addressed in an upcoming update. 

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So the Modern Home Screen checks weather every 30 minutes and caches it. We will adjust it to 90 minutes to reduce the requests. 
The other 3 home screens check the weather every new time you open the home screen. So we need to change that to match what the Modern screen does. These other 3 home screens were made by a different developer, so that's why there is a difference. Our dev team is extremely busy right now though, so they wouldn't be able to make this change for another 2-4 weeks. 
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