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This started yesterday afternoon. Weather not available message instead of weather and location. If you switch to one of the other launchers (BuzzTV Mediaplayer 2, Classic) there is no weather or location, and a message "too many requests" will pop up. Same on both of my boxes.

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8 hours ago, TonyC said:

Hi All,

I turned my box on this morning and the location didn't appear in the top right hand corner, how would I get it back?

Many Thanks

Mine was missing yesterday but it's working now

Might have been an issue with the weather app

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Mine only came back late this evening on both of my 4900 boxes.  This morning and even late afternoon, it was not, even after it was mentioned above that it was working again.  I tried multiple reboots and even unplugged the boxes and no difference.  I left it at that, since I really don't care too much about it.

But I just checked about 2 hours ago it was back on both boxes.


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8 minutes ago, Dave J said:

Primarily suspend, but I usually do a restart on both boxes once a week to clear the caches.

next time weather doesn't show long press power button and select restart

I had weather all weekend

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I've found from suspend if the widget doesn't receive an API request update the weather will display the last info it received. If I shut down or restart the box the caches will clear and you will get the "weather not available" message. If you change to one of the other Home Screens a message will pop up "too many request", so it's appears there are too many API calls and it's getting locked out from the suppliers servers until it resets. I've left this with allaboutbuzz and CS to sort out. Thanks for your help and feedback. 

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