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Need help with Kodi stutter


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We're getting some intermittent "stuttering" on our box. By stutter I mean when watching a streamed video on Kodi, every 5 minutes or so, the video will freeze for a second (then resume). Sound is unaffected. This occurs regardless if the stream is high or low quality. I checked online and someone suggested to set Kodi Adjust display refresh rate to “on start/stop”, but that didn’t help

We also have the same thing occurring for VOD/TV-SERIES, but I don't know if that's a separate issue or not.

I've been unable to fix these issues, so advice is requested. Thanks in advance!

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RE: "What are you using to play tv/ vod? Buzz 5 ,Kodi?"

I guess it's the Buzz 5 app? We just use VOD/TV-series using the on-screen icons. I wasn't aware we could watch those any other way.

But when we use Kodi, it's for playing streamed media from external sources on the net. The stuttering issue occurs regardless of the source. Wifi speed seems to be fine.

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Download speed was around 85 Mbps.

No, I haven't tried a VPN.

FYI this issue started happening in the past few months, so we didn't always have these issues with the box. And we never had this issue with our previous BuzzTV box.

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But VPN is something to test with for sure as DU recommended.  

Some ISP are silently implementing throttling to many known services.  I have 2 customers,same ISP, that have 3 services each.. And all of a sudden one day on one of the services only, both started getting all sorts of buffering.   Enable VPN, and all buffering gone for both of them.  Sounds like ISP throttling to me (same ISP, different parts of town, same IPTV service and started buffering at same time, no issues with other services, and 2 different VPN services and it bypasses the throttling issues).



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