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XRS4500 Issues

Nine Wire

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I'm enjoying the update but have found a couple of issues I'm not seeing others posting about in the 4500 forum or in this forum.
I'm sure asked and answered but I can't find it.
I have issues with the info bar timeout setting.
No matter what time I set to hide the info bar (I like 1 Second) it only works for a couple of times and then goes back to a full 10 seconds timeout.
I have recording issues.
When I set to record a program through the EPG it works fine.
When I do an instant record and go to play back later the thumbnail is blank and I get "Format not supported".
Any thoughts about my issues ?

Thanks for your help.


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22 hours ago, nbs. said:

You could try clearing cache in the buzz 5 app

Thanks. I tried and succeed at clearing the Cache file but still no go.
Any other thoughts ?
I can't imagine I'm alone with these issues.
All worked well before the update to Buzz 5.
Thanks for any other ideas.

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54 minutes ago, Nine Wire said:

For whatever reason I find when I'm on the Backup player the problems are resolved.
That works for now.

Thanks for the help.

That is probably due to the encoding by your service provider.  Probably some very non-standard type of encoding.  

Keep in mind however that there some features that are ONLY available on the Primary player.   But if the backup one works for you, then great.


Next time, you should also mention what type of sub you have (MAC or XC [user/pass] or M3U).  And if it is XC, you should specify the stream type (it is in the config screen under settings - HLS, Auto, etc..).   Very often it is just the stream type that needs to be changed.  Just some food for thought.







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