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Can I block Buzz TV 5 updates?


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Not that I know of.

Can you provide more info ?

What box ae you using ?

You say .796, but that is quite old.  Even .799 which is what some boxes are still at, is getting old.  BuzzTV 5 is already up to .906 (public release) on many boxes..

Are you using MAC, XC or M3U type connection ?  If you are using XC, have you tried switching from XML to Server EPG ?  Also if using XC, have you tried switching to M3U to see if it makes a difference ?

When you say it "breaks" your EPG, can you provide details ?  Does it not work at all ?  Is it offset by a certain amount of time ?

When you update from .796, what version did your box go to ?

I have a number of Buzz boxes and I don't have any issue with any of my services and the EPG, so it is surely something specific to your provider.  But provide the info above and we can see.  If it is something very specific to the provider, maybe you'll have to PM your service details to allaboutbuzz to see if they can address it in the next release.  No point in patching to stay behind in the releases.  May as well get it fixed at the source.

Let's start by answering the questions above.







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Curious - if I’m still at .799 - how would I update to .906? Is the update sent by the provider? I keep checking for updates, but I always get I’m running the latest version. I have an E5 Firmware V20230324. Thanks!

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