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Backup/Restore Option


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I have 2  64AI  Buzz tv box   one says buzz tv X5  Android OS 05x4-4GB DDR-64GB eMMC  on the cardboard box and the other one says Buzz tv X5 64AI 4K UHD 4K-4GB RAM 64GB storage also on the black cardboard box.

What's the difference between them because what I've seen the first one doesn't have a backup/restore option and the other one does. I thought they were the same.

I just did an update on the first one the newer one (mentioned up top) and in the configuration settings app settings the backup & restore option is not showing up but it is on the second one

which is 1 year older than the first one mentioned

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Here you go not sure what you meant by iptv software anyway I've added the settings platform

firmware is not the same on both boxes but I just updated the newer one it's the one with the firmware dating 2022 (and just noticed that they are not the same)but how do I force it to update to the same firmware as the other? I just did an update and this is what it's giving me





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Well, it is like any new electronic device.  Even on my Pixel 7, it took maybe 4 or 5 cycles of updates before it was done.

And Keep a Windows PC powered off for a month or 2, and let me know how many cycles of checking for updates you will need to do before it comes back and tells you it is done and no more updates available.  And with W10 it is not as bad (since they have many rollups).  W7 and before was a nightmare.  The longest part of a new install was all the updates, since there were all incremental and it often took a whole day, just doing updates, rebooting, new updates, rebooting, rinse and repeat 🙂

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