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Cannot record on my brand new U5

Lawrence Calhoun

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I have done a factory reset

I'm using an ethernet cable

i have formatted my 1TB hardrive

i keep getting media format is not supported errors

sometimes it lists the recording as if it there. But it's not

I reconnected my XRS4500 and it records perfectly. The only difference is the U5

So i'm stuck using my 4500 to do all my recording. The irony is i loved the 4500 so much, i thought the u5 would be a worthy upgrade

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3 hours ago, Lawrence Calhoun said:

Formatted on the U5 as removable storage

This is acceptable as long as you don't do any super long recordings or downloads of 4k VOD.  Android boxes have a tendency of formatting in FAT32 (the U5 is NOT excluded), which has a 4GB file size limit.  So any downloads or recording that are larger than 4GB would be truncated. 

Best option is to do as I have mentioned on Nov 17, in the thread you had hijacked and we were still kind enough to keep replying to you.  But obviously, if you continued to format on the U5, you did not retain any of those recommendations, which was to format in exFAT if you want the best compatibility.

And even in that hijacked thread, you would never answer the questions we'd ask.  And the questions still remains unanswered.

Unanswered question from last thread:

  • What player are you using for LiveTV ?  If you swap to the other player, do your streams also work fine ?

Unanswered question from nbs's post above

  •  mac,xcapi or m3u


Have you tried browsing you HDD/SSD with something like VLC and seeing if you can play back your recordings ?



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You could have saved yourself all the headaches if you had actually ANSWERED the question of what version of firmware and BuzzTV you were running...

Exactly one month ago, in your thread (not even a hijacked thread), the last question you were asked was "What firmware and buzztv version are you running ?  You can find it on the Updates screen."  And you never replied...



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