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M3u list support and other infos

Fred Chic

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Hi all!


Just bought yesterday The Classic. Big change since I was with formuler z8 for a while but box began to show bit of trouble.


Anyway, entered provider infos and everything is ok, most of the time, for stalker.

However, big problem with m3u playlist! It doesn't change channel! It kinda try but show the first channel no matter the one I select.

Is there a fix for that? I switched to buzztv because product is similar to formuler (remote, app) but I need to have m3u working since I have an external epg provider that use m3u playlist.


also, is there somewhere a page with all "shortcuts"? like i want to close 1 app and cannit find where I can shut id down! 4 home button hits close all app but how to know what is running and to shut down one specifically?





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I use M3U on many of my boxes for many free lists and even one collection which I have put together for some locals which have direct online links (as a backup for some family). 

Have not experienced any issues on my B5, E5, Classic or X5 with them.

Later tonight I will check again on the Classic and try one other larger one, in case it is maybe something to do with the size of the epg XML file.

Have you tried to temporarily NOT use an EPG URL ?  See if channel changes work as expected.  Maybe there is something in the EPG that it gets hung up parsing.


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OK. Sorry for the late reply, but I was outside prepping for our lovely winter 🙂

Anyhow I powered up my classic, and installed 3 different M3U servers...

  1. My person collection of about 100 public channels with direct links I maintain.   But no EPG, since I just don't have time to link them 🙂
  2.  A popular free service, with over 1200 channels with about 48hr worth of EPG.
  3. My main IPTV service, with over 10000 channels, and 3 days of full EPG.

All 3 M3U lists worked like a charm and no issues changing channels.  Super quick to respond.   OK, my 3rd one, did take some time to load up all the channels and EPG (but still under a minute), but once loaded everything was smooth as expected.

If you press OK to bring up the channel list, do you see all you channels ?   If you scroll down and then press OK on another channel, does it change to that channel ?   If you just press the CH+ or CH- button, nothing happens ?

What firmware/software version are you running on your box ?




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Sorry for the delay, I was outside!

I did a hard reset and seems it fixed things! Don't know why I had to do that since it was a brand new box!


When I press OK, yes, all channels were there.

When i scrolled down to another channel, then it didn't change channel, just kinda of "time out" then load previous channel


As for firmware/software, gues it was last one since I did updates!


Btw, is there a kind of manual to get familiar with the box? Like i'm trying to figure out how to close a single app! I've found that 2 times home close... 2 app! which one, I don't have a clue!

I'm looking for a key combinaison to see which apps are on and be to close the one I want



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On Android TV boxes you should not need to to manually close any apps.  Android will typically swap them out if they are not active and close them if it gets short on memory.  Short of going into "settings" "app" and opening up a specific app and force closing it, there is no other way.

The double home press actually closes all background running apps.  So the first time you double press it from the home screen, it will say "closing x apps".   If you do it again and it closes apps again (and you did not manually start anything new) it is often because some apps are restarting after being killed.  There are some apps which always want to run in the background.  Some for good reason and others I call crapware.

If you want to totally exit the BuzzTV 5 app, you can long press the back button and it will ask you if you want to EXIT the app.  Some apps have that option (which I like), others don't.

Now, are there any 3rd party apps out there which can show you running apps ? I'm sure there are.  But often I find they end up using more memory than what they try to release 🙂






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Reason why I want to shut down app (like you do on a cell phone for ex) is to avoid using the same provider in 2 different apps. I currently have trouble with my boxes and try to figure out what cause the freeze that did not occur in the past. So I open my provider in one app (Tivimate for ex) then close it to switch on Buzztv5. I don't want both apps run at the same time since my provider does not allow 2 connections at the same time.

On z8, i press menu for 2 sec and it show all opemed windos/app. I can then decide which to kill or all.

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For BuzzTV 5 at least, like I said, when you are running it, you can long press the back button and it will prompt you to exit the app (the way properly written AndroidTV apps should work).  I have not used the other app in ages so I can't comment if it has an option to properly exit the app, I honestly don't recall.  So depending on which box you have and which OS version you have, here is the general method to force close an app.

  • Select  Settings.
  • From the Settings screen, select Apps.
  • Press the up arrow or down arrow button to highlight the app you want to close, and then press  Enter button.
  • Select to force Stop.

This is not unique to Buzz boxes.  Check many smart TV forums (like Sony) and you will see the same question and similar answer over and over.

But the multiple pressing of the home button while in the home screen closes off all programs, and I typically just do it 2 or 3 times until it tells me 0 apps closed.  And yes, it even closes the BuzzTV app, and if you relaunch the BuzzTV app, you will see that instead of streaming right away (like when it is in background), it actually loads up all your channels (ie: new connection).

As Android evolved, the OS has gotten better and better at managing it's background apps, and a lot of the features we were accustomed to have been dropped. You Z8 is running probably Android 7 or 7.1 if I recall (it is pretty close to same gen as the old Buzz xpl3000).   The Buzz 4000 series boxes (with possibly few exceptions) are running Android 9.  And all the Series 5 boxes are running AndroidTV 11.  So many features and options have changed.



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"Btw, is there a kind of manual to get familiar with the box? Like i'm trying to figure out how to close a single app! I've found that 2 times home close... 2 app! which one, I don't have a clue!  I'm looking for a key combinaison to see which apps are on and be to close the one I want"

Download TDUK App Liller and TDUK Cache Cleaner apps from the Play Store. Those 2 apps are all you need to close and clear cache. You can even whitelist the apps you select not to close.

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