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BT-400 Remote

Mathew Hart

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Team, I have a new X5 128AI with the BT-400 remote, this remote seems very unstable, it's hit or miss whether it will work. 40% of the time it does not work and I have to log in to the X5 using Teamviewer and unpair and repair the remote, or restart the system via power cable. It also will be very sporadic and go crazy and scroll through things on its own while you're trying to go up or down through menus or guides it will just take off and do this. are there any tips or tricks to get this remote to be more stable? It's as upgraded as I can get it. 



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And if you go into settings with Remote/accessories, it shows that the remote is connected ?   In the image above it says "connecting" not "connected".  the BT is not connected and you are using IR only on the remote.  You may need to re-pair the remote.

My basement is about 20ft long, and there are no issues at that distance. My box is on a small shelf on top of the TV.


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