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Multi M3u playlists

Mathew Hart

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Good evening team, I have a question. I just setup my Busstv X5 128 and i loaded my iptv provider, everything works great with the EPG and live TV, unfortunetly when i try to load my providers VOD movie playlist it breaks the live TV and EPG for the live TV. going further when i load one of the TV Show m3us it breaks everything. my provider has the livetv m3u and then the movie m3u then 14 TV show m3us. any ideas how to get all this working with Buzztv? 


Thank you in advance for any help! 

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This service is a mess.  They have some nice channel selection for international, but that is it.   I had tried it a few years back.   They do not support anything other than a pile of different M3U, and even on their web site they VERY clearly state that if you use any other app other than the one they recommend, you will not have VOD, TV Series, and even EPG in many cases. 

In many of their instructions (for setting up different apps) they state:

Important! Before you begin, please note we only recommend using ******* app for the LIVE TV CHANNELS ONLY
*Movie and TV show lists will NOT display posters in *******
**For Movies and TV Shows (VOD) we highly recommend using the ****** TV app or ***** Apps.

Looks like you will be stuck creating dozen+ M3U server entries, and it will not be pretty either.  

You can setup the LiveTV channels and the EPG link they provide.  But for the VOD/TV Series, as much as I hate to say it, you are probably better off installing their app or the other one they recommend.  

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I figured that would be the case, ive been using them for a while, mostly with tivimate and fire sticks, but i was looking for something better and to move away from the fire sticks. their app is ok, but the EPG is terrible in retrospect to tivimate or some of the others, and the quality of the picture in their app is not very good. Im not opposed to moving to something else. when my other one stopped working i went to this one as it seemed the best at the time. but i know im missing a ton vs some of the others. 

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