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No movies to night


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To day I had to do a factory reset to my BuzzTV X5 128AI. 

And new update last update V20230815

Current Fermware Version :V20230815

Current IPTV Version : 5.0.893

To day I had to reboot 3 times since this afternoon 

To night I can't view movies on primary video player and get a black screen. 

On backup video player it's working. So what's wrong with primary video player and why do I have to reboot so often ??


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For VOD, I always use external, and have it set for VLC, which I keep up to date.  It works best for me.    LiveTV is on Primary.

It will depend on your server, their encodings, and other factors.  If you didn't have choices, you'd be stuck.  But you have choices, you choose what works for you, and that's it.

And you say you "HAD had to do a factory reset", you did not say why.  Was it because it was hanging up, and needing to reboot like it is doing now ?  If so, it could be your service providers servers acting up and causing the box to hang.


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2 hours ago, Gilles1945 said:

Thanks for replies Emporium and dishuser. 

I had to reboot due I was having black screen on TV channels. 

It is not necessarily the box.  Could be your service provider... BUT!!!!  It could also be your ISP that has started blocking some feeds.  

I have 1 service that during major sporting events, only 1 of our large local ISP blocks most of the channels.  And other friends with different ISP have no issue with same server.  Only way around it for my customers with that ISP and that service is to use a VPN service to bypass the blocking.


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