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Freezing in primary on buzz video player


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For TV or VOD/Movies ?

Different providers use different encoding for some of their movies.  And there is no universal player that can play everything.  Would be nice, but it doesn;t.

In my case, with my services, I have no freezing regardless of which player.  But the backup player does seem to take a few seconds longer to initialize and get started, but once it starts, it is smooth.  So no big deal.

If it is for VOD, you can also set your player to external and select any other player you prefer to use (MX Player, VLC Player, HB player, etc..).  VLC player is already installed, but others you obviously need to install.

This is WHY you have options.  If backup works better for you, then stick with backup.



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Are you wired or wireless ?   Have you tried rebooting your router ?

Is box from a clean boot, or after multiple suspends ?   Try unplugging the power, and let it boot up properly (boot animation logo and all) to ensure it is a fresh clean boot.

I have not checked on the X5, but many of my older boxes (buzz or other), if I keep suspending them, eventually they network starts to act up.  So I have since stopped suspending them and just always do a shutdown.  OK, adds an extra minute to the boot time, but at least I don't need to guess what is causing any glitches.




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4 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

Thanks dishuser, 

I bought the BuzzTV X5 128 for rewind, record  forward. 

My other box didn't do that. 

my x5 does

it also depends on your service

I don't rely on timeshift since it only goes back as far as when you started watching like an OEM stb like my bell 9242

if you have a service with catchup you'll get a better experience

some say it's wicked 😉

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