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5 minutes ago, dishuser said:

it works just fine

save it to internal

then open a file explorer app and locate the zip and send it to usb

then look in restore/usb

Too late for him now ūüôā

As DU mentions, it backs it up internally (Android 9 limitation).  You then transfer it to external manually before reset.

And WHO does a reset without confirming that the file was created anyhow ? What good is a backup, if you don't confirm it's existence¬†ūüôā



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14 hours ago, Woody said:

back up restore funcition in the new update does not work i backed up my data or so it said it did... I reset myu box i have the 4900 and went to restore and there was no file on the usb stick that it supposedlu saved it on

I had no issues backing up the 4900 to usb

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I just tried on my 4500 (should be same as 4900) and had no issue doing backup onto USB stick.  It was a little strange however, since during the process it did ask if I wanted to go to internal or external USB, and by default external was selected (like the screen Woody has posted above).  But then when I hit next and brought up the little file manager to select where to save, it was by default on internal storage (even though external was selected in previous step).   But quick selection of external and hit next and it did go to usb stick.  But if you do not realize it, I can see how someone can accidently do a backup and "assume" it was done to USB even though it was internal location selected.

I removed the stick and went to restore option and nothing was there (which is what I expected).  Then I inserted the USB stick and it showed the backup I just made.  Also, checked stick on my PC and the file was there.



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