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First of all, you simply say it "doesn't work".  Can you be a little more specific ?   Does it record anything ?   Does the box turn on to try to record ?   Have you checked if the PVR option (destination) are still valid and configured ?   How are you trying to record, scheduled, or hitting record while watching ?  etc...  You don't provide details, you won't get much feedback.

And the recording issues  thread mentioned is in the X5 section.  The BuzzTV sotware is pretty much the same on all devices.


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If you go into Settings-->All apps, and you scroll down, then show system apps ,and keep scrolling down to "PVR Service", try opening it, and then clearing the cache, just in case something is latched.

Now give it a try again.

If that doesn't work, do the same, and this type just clear data.  Not sure how the recording are stored, but if you have recording schedules stored, clearing data "may" clear any scheduled recordings, and possibly any recordings you may have stored on your device.

This is worth a try, since it is better than a complete reset of the box 🙂

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It's xc api with only one connection.

I tried both procedures mentioned above with no luck.

I'm not getting the notification anymore. While recording, the red "record" button shows in top right of the screen. When I go to pvr it looks like there's a recording but there's no content.



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Are you starting a recording while you are watching the channel, or are you scheduling one ?  Just curious.

Because if you are scheduling it, I'm pretty sure it will start another stream (if you are watching at the same time), which will be an issue if your sub only supports a single connection.



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