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VOD does not work by itself


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Hello All,

 I accidentally selected BETA. but I wanted to let you know that I am on the latest Buzz5.

Here is my issue. I am unable to find a movie title names Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol in VOD (I can only find non-English languages...see screenshot). 

But when I go to English Movies Collection list - and sort Alphabetically and page down through 10,000 movies I can see it listed. ( see second screenshot)

On other TV using Firestick , It is really simple to browse through this same list as there are no previews. But here I had to go under ENGLISH MOVIES COLLECTION  -> manually page down 1927 times and then get to alphabet M to find this movie in English.

How can this issue be resolved?

Thanks for the help




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You did not "accidently" select beta.  You actively need to request to have beta sent to you, and it comes with the potential glitches, which you accept by installing it 🙂

Anyhow...  The problem here is the title of the movie.  If you notice in this specific MI movie, after "MISSION", there is a ":".   The search function does NOT do a regular expression style "OR/AND" type of search for the multiple words you put in.  It is unfortunately the whole string as you type it, spaces and all that it searches for.  "Mission impossible" is NOT equal to "Mission: Impossible" Try search for "ghost pr" instead and it should be the only movie in the list 🙂



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Thanks for the reply. Yes Ghost Protocol does work in the VOD search.

Im good to go.

PS:- I was referring to selecting BETA while creating this question. I understand that I now have the latest Buzz5

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