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**NEW** Official HD5 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update - September 22nd, 2022

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HD5 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update September 22nd, 2022

20220919 Firmware Version
5.0.766 Buzz 5 App Version



Firmware Changes:

- Added support for ARQ200/220/250 Remotes
- Added HDMI CEC settings and Max Volume Shortcut Buttons to Buzz Smart Remote App
- Updated OTA app

Buzz 5 Version 5.0.766 Changes:

- Fixed PVR bugs that would cause recordings to end early on Multi Connection Accounts (XC Login/M3U)
- Optimized PVR for better performance.
- Fixed decoder issue.
- Fixed a rare crash in Backup Player when active cc/audio track was changed by user.
- Fixed a bug on Modern with favorite app icons disappearing.
- Fixed a bug when changing locations with Weather Settings in Buzz Utilities.
- Fixed TMDB Meta Data bugs in VOD/TV Series on some servers.



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14 minutes ago, Dynas said:

 Did the latest HD5 update this afternoon. Now it will not recognize my remote, have tried pairing but nothing.  I tried the reset on the box  but no change. Any help would be appreciated.

When it happened to me and it was a little strange.  I unpaired my remote.  Then when I went to the add remote/accessory BT screen, even though I did NOT put my remote in pairing mode, yet it still saw it.. But when I selected it, it would say it was pairing... but after a while it would fail.  Then I did it using a different sequence.

When you go the remote and accessory settings screen, unpair the BT400.

Then, select add new remote.. Wait till it starts to check and it will see your BT400 at the top (at least I did, even though my remote was NOT yet in paring mode). Select it, and it will say pairing (or at least it is trying to)..  Then, and only then, press and hold the OK+Home button till the LED starts flashing. Then the "pairing" notification changes to "connected".

It was a a one off, so I did not think anything of it, but worth a try to do in the specific sequence.

Just a thought, and something to try.


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6 minutes ago, Dynas said:

  I rebooted  once and did the reset on the box and was able to get the remote to pair with the box. Working now but unable to get the Backlight to work.

just tried backlight and it only flashed on turning it on

must be a bug in the software

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using V20220919 5.0.766 buzzTV app, my backlight works on my HD5.   

I'm assuming you are using the App to change the backlight status ?   On my X5 at one point I needed to just toggle the backlight from on, to off and then back to on to get it working and synced.

Keep in mind, if batteries are low, back light does tend to flicker.

I have to say, as much as I like the key mapping options in the app.  I DID like on the BT100 and BT200 the option to long press the blue button to toggle backlight on/off.  In the middle of the night, while watching TV in bed, it was easy to turn on backlight without trying to navigate through the menus.


OK, as I was writing the above I discovered something.

IF you try to turn on backlighting from the Buzztv Smart Remote app, you will get the flash you mentioned.

IF you go into settings (top icon), then select BuzzTV utilities, and choose the Remote Control from there, and toggle the backlight, it works as expected.  

The status of the backlight is not synced between the Smart Remote app and what is in the menu tool.

So I guess @allaboutbuzzwill need to merge the functionality on this 2 screens/menus.  But at least there is a simple workaround.



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