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Cannot load portal 520


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  Hi for the pass week I'm getting this message ''cannot load portal 520'' My iptv provider reset my subscription and, I also did a factory reset on my box , restart my modem, I check with different internet provider, I had try a vpn and still the same.  Not sure what to do.   Any help please. 

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Was it working before and it just stopped, or is this a new sub ?

What type of SUB. MAC or XC ?  ops.. Saw you say that there reset your sub, so I assume MAC.  You using the Server ID on the top right of the server page, or the actual MAC of the box. 

Like DU mentioned below:



When your site’s visitors see error 520 in their browser, it means Cloudflare is sending the message because your server returned an empty, unknown, or unexpected response.



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1 hour ago, Kone said:

Having the same issue. With or without VPN. 

I got a reply on their end saying that there is nothing wrong.

I call BS on their side.   X5 software has not changed in over 4 months so it is obviously not the box.  All of a sudden there is an issue ? It is probably not your internet either, since Error 520 is a cloudflare connectivity issue due to an empty server response.


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