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How to Scroll With BT250


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Thank you for the feedback. I just purchased the ARQ-200 and I like it better due to backlight and Querty keyboard. All is working well however I can't seem to put it into learning mode. Any suggestions as I have scoured this site and the internet and no luck... just about learning mode for the ARQ-100.

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The ARQ200 does not have any "learning" mode.  It is designed for the newer 5 series of BuzzTV boxes.  And those have a menu, where you can program shirtcuts to the colored buttons.  The rest are already hardcoded to BuzzTV code.

The only learning is to be able to pair it with the USB dongle (should it not be pre-paired.

The quick install guide can be found here:


It is very similar to the generic MX3 type remotes, but the colored buttons are not IR learning.  They work within the BuzzTV software, and can be programmed for program shortcuts when in anything else (on a 5 series Buzz box).

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