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Cant change Mac Server ID

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There is no other team that allows the app MAC to be changed, nor the device MAC to be changed.

Buzz was the only one, at one time.

Good reasons why the MAC can not be changed by the user.

The MAC is a 'unique'  idendity for the device itself, or for the iptv application.  If one person alone changed that MAC ID a say changed it o a regular basis then at one point (at least) there will be a conflict with the actual owner of the MAC (which someone else randomly generated). That then leads to difficulty for the original owner of that MAC ID when using certain  applications.

There may be other reasons why the team discontinued that option, but that is one, and kinda an important one when looking at it from the original rightful owner's point of view .


Like that goalie Patrick somebody, from Montreal Canadians once said, "Its not fair"



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