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Bt-100 remote activating two different devices


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Hi guys, I have a buzz tv 4500 and another different brand stb , the problem is that every time I turn on the Buzz tv the other turns on as well, I have both connected to the same tv in the livingroom and I tried turning off the CEC switches but the problem persists.

Can I somehow  make any changes to remote channels so it doesn't activate the second stb box? 

Any idea why this is happening? thanks.

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Try unplugging the video (HDMI) cables from both boxes and try to see if the remote still turns on both boxes.  If HDMI is not connected, meaning it can't be CEC.  Therefore there is a conflict with the IR codes used by both Buzz and the other brand you have. 

This cannot be changed unfortunately.  Buzz has been using the same IR codes for all their boxes for many year and has not changed.



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5 hours ago, Lionel59 said:

Thanks for your reply, I did what you suggested but bot boxes turn on and off at the same time, even the volume goes up and down on the other stb. next I will perform a factory reset to see what happen.

that won't change the ir code for remote

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What type of box is the other one ?  One of the Boomerang Mate 1 boxes or one of the SARO ones ?

Unfortunately, the codes will not be changing.  So you will have to find an alternate solution.  For most of the keys however you could use an ARQ remote which uses a USB dongle to communicate back to the box to control it.  For the power key however, there is not much of a choice 😞 That is IR only and seems that both boxes you have use the same codes.

I used to have a setup at the office with 3x 60" Samsung 4k TVs side by side.  It was annoying even turning them on/off, since they are responded to the same codes, and even turning them on/off was annoying, since sometimes 1 of the 3 would not see the IR signal, so then you had to get really close to avoid the other TVs from seeing the IR signal otherwise they would toggle off as you tried to turn the last one on 🙂  They did not have discrete ON only codes, it was toggle only.

Sorry to tell you, there is no simple answer.



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