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Keep Getting Black Screen

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  I have an XRS 4500,   When trying to watch a program i am constantly getting a black screen.  This black screen happens quite often.  Anyone having he same problem and is there a cure for the problem?  


        I look forward to a positive answer;

                                                                          James Myshrall

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  Thankyou for your reply.  I have changed the default player to 2ndary.  I still have the same problem.  My screen still goes black.  It goes black only for a second or two.  It is very much aggravating.  You are watching a program and then the screen goes black for 2 seconds, back on again and I may watch the program for 2 minutes and have the screen go black again for a couple seconds again.  There is no particular  time frame on how long you can watch the program, it may be 2 minutes or it may go 30 minutes before going black.   Just mainly a pain in the a$$.  Any help from anyone would be great.  

  Thank you all for the assistance;

                                         Jamie (James Myshrall)

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With my server, if you have clone your mac, for example use 1 account with 2 or 3 different box (with the use of box able to change mac like xpl3000 or by using software like stbemu, the server detect this and do exactly has you described, stop video and sound for 1 second every 30 seconds. Probably not the problem, but worth the mention.

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Hello Billy Boeing, I have been unable to find a cure for the problem. We have Fiber Optic internet. Extremely fast internet. I had believed that Bell Aliant is causing the problem.  Just tried to watching a movie on it again. Needless to say I found it to be annoying and shut it down. Please let me know if you find a cure and share it with me.


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